Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Draconic Achievements

Well, I had all of these things I was going to do yesterday. What did I end up doing? Making a dragon. I spent HOURS shaping and decorating my little polymer dragon. I learned a few important things, including the fact that my fingernails really are not ideal for clay work (I kept having to smooth out little gouges in the clay) and that cat hair and lint are omni-present in my home.

But despite all that, I think my little dragon is pretty darn cute. He looks very sad. I had trouble giving him ears, so instead I gave him a stylish little mane. He's accented with green goldstone and lab-created tourmaline. I need to go pick up some varnish, and then once he's all protected I can put him in a matching necklace.

Fingernails and cat-hair aside, I think I could get into this polymer thing.

Funny how up until this year, I resisted getting into any art or craft other than straight-up beadworking. I mean, I'd dabbled in lampwork beadmaking, but I knew I couldn't actually get into it (due to living in an apartment and whatnot). Well, this year I've tried out Chinese knotting, Japanese braiding (aka kumihimo), bead quilting and now polymer clay. I have NO idea how I'm going to fit all these supplies in my beadroom, but it sure is nice branching out.

This actually seems to be my year for trying new things... in addition to new crafts, I've tried college, belly dancing, and sushi, and found most of them to my liking. What wonders will the second half of the year hold?

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