Sunday, November 02, 2008

White on white on white on white...

The December theme for Etsy BeadWeavers is "Snow Queen." As luck would have it, I've had several snowy pieces planned for a while, but hadn't worked on them yet, because it wasn't winter. Tonight I decided to pick out the beads for the most appealing one, which has a "Crystal Moonlight" colored rivoli, and some matching briolettes.

If you've been following my jewelry for a while, you probably know that whenever I make an icy necklace, I tend to add light blue to the white, because I like color. But this time I'm forcing myself out of my comfort zone and working only in shades of white. I think it will make for a much icier, snowier necklace. It will probably also be a pretty bridal necklace, something which I am pretty much lacking.

I might need to order some 15s before I proceed, though. The best I could come up with were some plain matte crystal, and I think they're going to look too drab with the white-lined crystal AB Delicas and 11s. Plain white was too stark, and gilt-lined opal white was too yellow... and that exhausted my selection of white beads. I almost never work in white, preferring cream and ivory for neutrals, so I have almost nothing to pick from for this necklace!

Anyway, with any luck, this will work out better than my attempts for the November challenge did!


  1. Oh, AJ, I can't wait to see your finished entry for December. I am also trying to figure out what I can do.

  2. I'm sure you'll come up with something great!

    I have these neat vintage beads that look like icicles, but they're going to be in my other winter-themed project.

  3. I think some might go for crowns, since it's "Snow Queen." Which, btw, is an excellent book by Joan Vinge, but probably out of print. I looked to see if she had an excerpt, but she doesn't. She does, however, want to buy a condo or cottage in Tucson (click on the letter on the right).

  4. Oh wow! If I happen to see any condos or cottages for sale while I'm out and about, I'll let you know so you can let her know. It really is a very nice place to be during the cold part of the year, and a lot of writers seem to live in and around Tucson.

    Some beadwoven crowns would be pretty.