Friday, November 07, 2008

Much Beading Accomplished

(yes, it's another picture of Dreamwalker Amulet. I really like the necklace, what can I say?)

I'm making great progress on Safety Gear. I have half a dozen stitches left, and then it's embellishing time. I'm only taking a break because I hit the end of my thread, so that seemed like a good time to come over here and blog about it. I might even finish it tonight, and if so, I may photograph it tomorrow.

As I sat here working on it, I had an inspiration for an interesting variation on the design. It's definitely worth exploring, but I won't get to do so until after I finish Snow Queen. I thought about discarding my original Snow Queen idea and doing this instead, but I don't think it would be quite elegant enough, and it would require different beads than the ones that I already picked out.

Tonight we're going to head over to Reid Park (the largest, most awesome park in Tucson) with the dogs to go walking with a friend. It's a little colder than I'd like to be out walking, but it's good to get some exercise, take the dogs out, and be social. Hopefully the girls will behave themselves! They like to wrap me up like a maypole when we walk.

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