Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Super fast post

No time for a real blog post, since I have to go to the grocery store before the game, so let's cover bases really fast:

Dreamwalker Amulet is now on Etsy, at a reduced price! Yay!
I'm working on Safety Gear again and think it will turn out this time. Yay!
The presidential candidate that I voted for won. Yay!
None of my various Etsy packages arrived in today's mail. Boo!

That is all.


  1. Very pretty and popular colors! I bet it will go quickly! Oh, and The Graveyard Book has Night Gaunts!

    They have not only not fixed the OpenID problem yet, there's an additional error. I reported it, of course.

  2. I hope it goes quickly, because it's getting harder and harder to avoid keeping it for myself!

    Night Gaunts alone are a good reason to read a book.