Monday, November 03, 2008

Not quite white

Well, I went to start Snow Queen today, and it didn't work out because the Crystal Moonlight rivoli has a slight yellowish tint to it that looked bad against the white seed beads. Not to be deterred, brought up the Whimbeads website and ordered a plain ol' crystal rivoli instead -- as well as some chain, some Delicas, and some of those new-fangled size 15 Delicas. Because, you know, I had to make the order worth the cost of shipping (ok, I went beyond that. Maybe I felt the need for a little retail therapy...).

The annoying part in all of this is that I'm using the same color Delica and Japanese 11 for this project... and I accidentally dumped the Delicas into the 11s tube when I was cleaning up! Sorting them back out from each other will not be a fun task. I think I might save it for the Wednesday game, that way I don't have to worry about a cat jumping up onto my desk and mixing them right back up.

Anyway, in the meantime, I felt like I should bead something, so I made a green and green crystal bracelet, using some of the colors from the Turtle Talisman. I'm also going to make some earrings with a pair of the turtle beads and some crystals... That way if someone is so inclined, they could get a matching green turtle set. I'll list the bracelet and earrings on Etsy tomorrow or Wednesday, depending on when I get them photographed.


  1. Ah, much worse than my spill last night. I slightly tipped my palette (only two colors) on the end table, and some fell off, but others ended up inside the folds of the newspapers in a pile. I'm going to be seeing those for a while.

  2. You know, the worst part is that I had almost put them in the tube before and I stopped myself... then I just went and did it anyway.

    And it's all FMG's fault. I bought these on clearance from a beadstore that had purchased them from FMG, and they're in those *awful* blister packs that FMG used to package them in. It's such a pain to get beads in and out of those, which is why I was waiting to put them away... I needed to go out to the beadroom to get my little scoopy.

  3. Ack. Yeah, I hate the blister packs. I like tubes.

  4. There is not one good thing that can be said about the blister packs. They're annoying to store, annoying to get the beads out of, annoying to put the beads back in... hmmm. I think I should take some time tomorrow and put all my blister pack beads into little zippies.