Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday Thirteen Volume 1

So, I keep seeing this meme over at A Rose By Name's blog, and I thought I'd give it a little try. I am a sucker for internet memes.

Thirteen Things about AJ Reardon

To start off, we'll do Thirteen Random Things About Me, for people who are new to my blog (I'll try to throw in some interesting things so my regular readers aren't bored), and in future weeks I'll try to come up with some fun gimmick lists.

1. I've been going by my initials since I was 11. I'm getting kind of bored with it, but I still don't like my actual name, and getting everyone to call me by a different name all over again is too much work.

2. I am happily childfree and intend to stay that way.

3. I do not call my cats and dogs my kids or babies, I am not their mother, and actually, I kind of hate it when people call me "Mom" when referring to their pets.

4. I'm not quite as cranky as this list makes me sound, so let's try to be positive, shall we?

5. I like gourmet flavored teas, and in fact have an entire cupboard in my kitchen dedicated to tea and tea-brewing paraphernalia. Last night I found a whole stash of yummy tea that had accidentally been pushed to the back of the cupboard. Woohoo!

6. I am an amateur belly dancer and I love to dance to Collide, Dead Can Dance, Stellamara, and whatever else sounds good at the moment.

7. I love living in Tucson because our winters are mild and we have the biggest gem show in the WORLD.

8. Speaking of gem shows, I hire myself out to various vendors to work as booth help to earn extra bead money. Since I started 8 years ago, I've worked for a Czech glass seller, a silver and beading supplies seller, a resin bead seller, a lampworker, and a full-fledged bead store whose booth is an entire room. It's an awesome job.

9. I collect mythology and folklore books. I especially enjoy going to the used bookstore and looking for old and unusual volumes. My collection includes a copy of "A Dictionary of Non-Classical Mythology" published right after the discovery of King Tut's tomb. I think it's technically my husband's book, but I sort of took possession of it...

10. Actually, I just really like books in general. I like to read them, I like to write them, I like to buy them, collect them, give them as gifts. In fact, the only thing I really don't like to do is pack and move them! They get heavy fast.

11. I am really enjoying being a homeowner. My husband and I bought our first house this year and we're so happy here.

12. I'm a big ol' nerd who is into fantasy, sci-fi, roleplaying gaming, comic books and web comics, steampunk, the occasional video game, and hanging out with other nerds. I really get tired of jokes that suggest that all nerds are socially inept, can't get a date, and live in their parents' basement. And don't even get me started on the assumption that they're all boys. Girl geeks rock!

13. I can be a little opinionated, I like to rant, and I stand up for what's important to me. Sarcasm is my favored weapon.

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  1. Well, I don't live in my parent's basement....

    I've never liked my name and I started to change it when I was emancipated. My father had a big fit, though, and made me feel guilty because Mother had just died and she picked my name, so I didn't do it. And later, when I'd dumped my father, I was too well known as Marilee.

  2. do you shop at bookmans? i lived in tucson from '94-late '96 and i practically lived at bookmans!

  3. I LOVE Bookmans! They're the most awesome place ever.

    The only thing that I miss about my apartment is that I was within walking distance of a bead store and Bookmans. Of course, it was too hot to walk that far for half of the year ;)