Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hey look! Puppies!

Ok, so they're full grown, but they still act like puppies. Chris and I call them our pups all the time. And I swear, they don't spend ALL of their time on that love seat. It's just that since the seat is catty-corner from my desk, and my camera is on my desk, I'm more likely to get a cute picture of them there. If they're being cute in the living room, they'll probably follow me into the office to get the camera.

I love this pose. It's so adorable when they lie together, in sisterly friendship. It's easy to see why the rescue insisted that they be adopted together. They like to be in the same room as each other, they go outside and back in at the same time, they like to cuddle together on the couch, play together, and walk together. One time when we took them for a walk, I got a leg-cramp and had to stop halfway through, and I kept Mags with me because I didn't think Chris would want to walk both of them (they have a bad habit of criss-crossing the leash around your legs), and Daisy still had a lot of energy to burn. The entire time that we waited for them to come back with the car, Maggie sat there looking in the direction they had gone, occasionally whimpering. And when Chris showed up with the car, she and Daisy were all over each other in the back seat. The next time we walked, Maggie wanted to be right up behind Chris and Daisy. There was no way they were getting away from her again!

I'm of course posting a corgi picture to distract you from the fact that Snowdrop isn't done yet. I will be finishing it tonight, but it's already dark and cold out, so I won't be trekking to the workshop to take pictures.


  1. So sweet...looks like the dog pile at my house.

  2. That's okay, we'll accept Daisy and Maggie as a temporary substitute for Snowdrop!

  3. Such a nice distraction! Can't wait to see Snowdrop, though :) And, Daisy and Maggie are so adorable that I'm having a hard time staying away from the animal shelter! We must wait until next year - too much traveling happening around the holidays.

  4. Charlene, isn't it hard to wait? I had to wait for all of my Summer travel to be done, otherwise I would have adopted a dog as soon as we moved in! But by waiting, I was looking at the right time to get these two, so everything worked out in the end :)