Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Serious Chandeliers, Silly Name

I call these Tiger in a Taffeta Dress because sometimes, when I have 5 or more new items to list at once, I just can't come up with beautiful names for all of them. Of course, this can work to my advantage. The earrings that I named "Mulch!?!" a couple of years back sold pretty quickly. Maybe these little tigers will find a home, too.

Actually, they're not very little. They're the heaviest earrings I have in stock right now! And you may recognize the color combination -- I used it earlier this year for the earrings that Denise won in my "how many spools of thread?" contest. I wanted to see how it would look with antiqued brass, and I think the answer is "quite nicely." Unfortunately, I had to substitute vintage glass for the citrine, as the citrine holes were way too small for the bronze headpins. 4mm Swarovski crystals also don't fit on the headpins, which limits my earring options quite annoyingly.

The Snowdrop necklace is coming along very nicely. I'll probably finish it on Thursday. Maybe even tomorrow, if I get up early, push through my housework, don't waste a lot of time on Facebook, and bead through the entire game. So yes. Expect it to be done on Thursday.


  1. I really like the typo in the etsy text. I'm going to post about it on Rixo!

  2. Sure, sure, share my typos with the world.

    (actually, if you did post it, I never found it)

    How on earth did inventor become adventure as I was typing it? My brain is dumb sometimes.

  3. I think it might have been on the LarkLight thread. Hey, our names have capitals!

    I figured you meant adventurer, but inventor works, too.