Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Went to the vet today

Ah, Daisy. She's my little problem puppy... Totally manic and OCD, always charging into everything, always licking, always desperate for more love, and twice now she's needed her own special trip to the vet.

For the past several months, Miss Daisy-Face has had a little lump on her side. When she had her annual vet check this summer, the doctor said that it might just be a bump from wrestling and to keep an eye on it. Well, it never got better, and it started to get bigger, so back to the vet she went today.

This time the lump got a much closer examination (last time, the doctor could barely feel it). Because it felt unusual and the skin was discolored, she recommended that we have it removed and sent to the lab, and Chris and I quickly agreed. Mysterious lumps are not something you want to mess around with! So Daisy goes back to the vet on the 18th for a little surgery, and will once again have to wear the Cone of Shame (thank you, Up) because she can't be trusted not to lick her wounds.

I don't know how long it will take us to get the lab results after the surgery, but I'll keep everyone updated.

Lest anyone worry too much, let me assure you that Daisy does not seem to be in any pain (though she doesn't like having the lump prodded), she still eats like every meal is her last, and she's always eager to run outside, play, wrestle, or lick our friendly mail carrier. Whatever the lump is, it's not affecting her quality of life one bit.


  1. you have a great, calm attitude :D

  2. Hopefully the lump is just something harmless. Give her ear scratches for me!

  3. Oh, the Cone of Shame! I still have Spirit's in a drawer, just in case. I hope everything is okay.

  4. Hi, I just had a lump removed from under the skin in the belly area of my girl friend, a female Boxer, Roxy. My husband and I took turns to stay home with her so that her time in the cone of shame is minimized. Sutures come out Saturday, the results of the biopsy suggest we keep a very close eye on her for any more lumps that might emerge. I will keep my fingers crossed for Daisy. Found your blog via your entry to the ABS challenge, a beauty!

  5. Thank you for the good wishes, everyone!

    Julie, I am the very opposite of calm in most things. But the fact that Daisy is acting like her normal self is keeping me from worrying much.

    Meri, the ear scratches have been given... I gave Mags some, too, so she wouldn't feel left out. My dogs are very prone to jealousy!

    Marilee, I saved the one from Daisy's last injury, too, because I knew she'd eventually need it again. She's a crazy puppy!

    Regina, I hope that Roxy won't get any more lumps! And thank you for your compliments on my necklace :)

  6. Good luck & huggies for both you and her!