Thursday, November 12, 2009

Shiny New Book

This week I spent some of my bead-stringing money on Marcia DeCoster's Beaded Opulence. You may recall that Marcia was one of my teachers at Bead Retreat. I had already planned to get the book before her class (actually, I hoped to buy it in Tahoe and get it signed, but alas, it was Not To Be), but after the class I was even more convinced. Marcia does beautiful work with my favorite materials -- seed beads, Swarovski crystals, and firepolished glass.

I flipped through the book as soon as I got it, and I've already found three projects that I definitely want to do. Of course, I have to finish all of my Retreat projects first, and start thinking about beading holiday presents. Once again I need to learn to manage my time better!


  1. You'll have to make a prioritized list. :)

  2. Only three?!? There's at least 10 that I would like to make. Already did one, the earrings. And will probably do something from the book for one of my color report projects.

    I've gotten picky about bead books over the years and I wasn't at all disappointed with this one.

    Have you bought "Seed Bead Fusion" yet?

  3. It's a beautiful book. I got it from the library and then decided I had to buy it! I'm waiting for it to arrive. :)

  4. Marilee, I really do think that I need to become a list-maker. I seem to work better when I have specific goals and deadlines laid out.

    SaraBeth, Well, there are more I'd really like to make, but three that are easily do-able with my current materials :D I don't have "Seed Bead Fusion" yet but I was thinking of picking it up soon... is it a good one?

    Christina, isn't it just bursting with eye candy?

  5. Yes, I have "Seed Bead Fusion." I don't care for large, chunky, bulky jewelry, but I think that some of her techniques would be wonderful for beaded objet d'art.

    On the other hand, her seed bead & wire work is more delicate. Makes me want to learn wire working.