Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Busted thumb update

We just got back from the orthopedist, where Chris was given a cast up to his elbow and told that it will take 10 weeks for that little thumb-bone to heal. But the good news is that the bone didn't die, which was a definite possibility given the bone in question and the fact that it went untended for over a month.

It was a very good thing that I drove him there, because we got into the office and they handed him a 6-page medical history questionnaire to fill out. I'm now his unofficial secretary, writing and filling things out for him. My new position pays all the chocolate and beads I want, which is the same pay as my housewife position, but it looks better on my resume.


  1. thanks-be for the little things...lack of bone necrosis and extra chocolate :D

  2. So... I guess this means that Chris won't be doing hand springs for a while? But then again, now would be a good time to perfect his one handed cart-wheels.

    Beads and chocolate? That's it? No bonus dinner for waiting at the doc's office for 4 hours?

  3. I am happy that he will be okay...nice payment btw!


  4. Julie, I'd say lack of bone necrosis is a BIG thing! He would have had to get the bone replaced with metal pins. Pretty scary thought.

    SaraBeth, he's been saying he's going to practice his one-handed pushups and pullups. As for bonus dinners, I think I'll lobby for one to celebrate when I get my license next week. And I'm also getting new pants at the studio tonight, if they have any I like that fit me.

    Jolene, isn't it? :D