Friday, November 20, 2009

Need more practice!

My dance class recital is one month from yesterday... Our teacher brought it up last night, we picked out our costume, and we're supposed to think about what song we might like to perform to, so we can choose one in two weeks when class resumes (no class on Thanksgiving, obviously!). I'm excited, but I also realize that I need to practice a lot more if I'm going to be ready -- especially the moves that I never officially learned. So on top of my two bits of assigned homework, I need to continually go back over my vocabulary of moves and really polish them.

We learned two new moves last night, although one of them was just a variation on something we already knew. Still, it's exciting to be moving forward into Intermediate, and to be challenged with some more complicated footwork, which I'm now supposed to drill for 8 minutes a day, minimum. Practice, practice, practice.


  1. remember, dancing is supposed to be fun! Don't stress out too much. I find if I keep music going in the background I tend to dance when doing stuff like folding laundry and other household chores.

  2. Recital, eh? Sounds like lots of fun. Any chance there will be video available for those of us that live too far away to attend? I really am interested in seeing it. I know you'll do well, so I'll spare you the part where I wish it for you. ;)

  3. No doubt in my mind that you will be ready for the recital. I think it's so neat that you have this outlet to express yourself. Thoroughly enjoyed your dancing at Tahoe.


  4. Joann, it is fun, even when I have to practice a lot :) I love to dance when I'm doing housework, although it's usually just casual hip-bouncing. I'd probably break a lot of dishes if I tried to work my arms into it...

    Karen, I do think there will be video, and of course I'll share it!

    Arline, I'm so glad I was able to dance at the Retreat. It was scary but fun :)

  5. Only eight minutes isn't much! But then you have to put it all together. It sounds exciting!