Thursday, November 19, 2009

Long overdue

Halloween is weeks behind us, and I'm just now finally posting an image of the awesome belt that I made for my costume. Keys and tassels and kuchi and chain... so much fun! I'm happy that it actually stayed up while I danced, as it's pretty heavy. Now I need an excuse to wear it again. It's just a little too over-the-top for class.

I'm looking forward to class tonight. I think we're going to finally start learning some intermediate moves. And hopefully my almost-daily zill practice will show. I also think I've finally got the grasp of one move that was stymieing me, which is a good thing since it was this week's homework and I barely got a chance to practice it.


  1. That's cool! I love the keys. :)

  2. knowing you, you'll find another occasion to wear this gorgeous piece ;D

  3. Great piece!

  4. Thank you, Meri! There's a vendor at one of the gem shows in February who has a big box full of keys, and Chris and I sift through them to find the best. It's messy work, but worth it.

    Julie, I'll definitely wear it again, maybe to a convention or something.

    Thank you, Marilee!