Sunday, November 15, 2009

Autumn is Back

There's a chill in the air today! Looks like it may really be Autumn this time. As much as I do enjoy warm weather, it's unnatural for it to be warm this late in the year, so I guess I need to resign myself to lower temperatures.

My Dad came over today and winterized the cooler and set the furnace up for us, so I don't have to worry about freezing. We needed to ask for his help, as I'm afraid of heights and there's no way Chris was going up on the roof with one bad hand. It's nice to have family close enough to help.

The cool weather put me in an Autumn-y mood, so I put together a tasty dinner of ahi tuna, grain medley with dried berries, and squash tossed in a mixture of butter, maple syrup, and chai spices. Yum! We washed it all down with hot spiced cider. Hot drinks are the best thing about cold weather.


  1. Autumn has us fully in her fists here, though I haven't officially turned on the heat yet. Yes, a bit nippy indoors but fleece is good!

    Your dinner sounds delectable, and reminds me I have not had breakfast yet. Off I go!

  2. I didn't realize how cold it got last night until I tried 3 to 4 times to crawl out of my nice toasty warm bed.

    I ran to the themostat, turned on the heater, it was better when I left but of course, to save money, shut it off before I left.


  3. Julie, I have literally no tolerance for cold. My husband is sitting here wearing shorts and a t-shirt, and I'm wearing heavy pants and a thermal shirt!

    Jolene, maybe you should invest in a programmable thermostat. My parents have one and it's set to warm the house up before they get up in the AM, shut off during the day, and then warm up a little before they get home from work :) If Chris and I didn't both work at home, I'd get one, too.

    Now if only my dogs would stop barking every time the furnace made a noise...

  4. It sounds like an excellent dinner!

    I turned the heat on last week when we were in the 50s, but it seemed too hot today and indeed, it was 72. I turned the AC on briefly to get it down to a reasonable temp.

  5. Wow, that dinner sounds deelish! It's finally starting to cool off here in FL: 70's during the day & 50's at night -- it's been gorgeous!

  6. Marilee, I hate it when the weather switches back and forth like that.

    Janine, that's my kind of Autumn weather! It's actually been warm-ish in the afternoons, just cold in the mornings and evenings, so that's not too bad.