Saturday, November 07, 2009

A good day

Today was a fun day. Chris and I went to the gym, where he managed the workout despite only having one usable arm. This impressed quite a few people there. I just hope that he didn't over-do it with his right arm. We'll see how he feels tomorrow!

Then after we cleaned up, he dropped me off at Margaret Zinser's open house. You may already know that Margaret is one of my favorite lampworkers, which makes it even more awesome that she lives just 5 minutes from my house, and has open houses a couple of times a year. This time she also had the lovely and talented Anne Mitchell there displaying her beautiful fine silver jewelry. I spent an enjoyable couple of hours chatting with them and the other bead and jewelry people who came in and out of the house while I was there. And of course I bought a few pretty things, which I'll take pictures of tomorrow.

Chris left his usual Saturday game long enough to pick me up, say Hi to Anne and Margaret and tell his broken thumb story, then he took me for a quick deli dinner, ooohed and aaahed over my goodies, and dropped me off here at home, where my puppies were happy to have me home.

Now I'm going to kick back with a bead magazine and a mug of tea, and maybe get my zillage on in a bit.


  1. That does sound like a good day! Enjoy.

  2. Zillage Pillage! LOL Sounds like a lot of fun. :)

    (Hmmm, two police cars, two officers, just showed up, went to the other end of the building and are now getting back in their cars. I'm bad, I want to know why they were here.)

  3. Janine, it's nice to get out of the house sometimes :)

    Marilee, zillage is actually my least favorite part of dancing, but it's a big part of this class so I have to suck it up.

    I hope that the police weren't called in for anything too bad. I get very curious about that sort of thing too. When we lived at the apartment, there was a really small, scuzzy complex across from us, set back from the road. One day there were tons of cop cars and news vehicles there. Turns out that this guy had been attacking someone -- his father maybe? -- with an axe or machete or something, and this other guy joined in to break it up. It was crazy.