Friday, November 06, 2009

Art Bead Scene Challenge

For 2009, Art Bead Scene decided that all of their challenges would be inspired by classic or iconic paintings. A great idea, but unfortunately most of the paintings have been very uninspiring to me. Until this month! Finally, a faerie painting has been chosen. The Fairy Feller's Master Stroke by Richard Dadd. It's not my favorite faerie painting, because the colors are so muted and bizarre, but the level of detail is amazing and Dadd's story is quite sad.

I've already submitted Elvensoul to the challenge, as the colors and design are relatively evocative of the painting. I'll likely submit the Mushroom Pixie as well when I finish her. But I'd really like to make a necklace specifically inspired by the painting, probably using a Green Girl faerie pendant to go with those muted colors. It might be a good time to use the new Greige Swarovski crystals, too, although I had planned to use them with a Lillypilly shell pendant. Maybe I have enough for both.

By the way, yesterday's drive to Tempe went very well. Next week I hope to manage the round-trip.


  1. Elvensoul looks great! Don't forget to submit anything you make with Earthenwood beads to my double challenge!

    Hope you are doing well!

  2. knew you'd manage the long drive just fine :D
    this is one of my favorite pieces of yours. i hope you do something inspired by the painting too!

  3. Thank you, Melanie! I think nit's already in both groups but I'll double-check.

    Julie, I'll start playing around with a Fairy Feller design next week, I think.