Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Sun Spirals Ever Onward

Due to everything that I had going on this month, I am just now getting around to using the beads that sent me to promote their Valentine's Day category. For shame! Of course, I chose earthy hearts, so the things that I'm making have year-round appeal for heart lovers.

I was especially drawn to this heart pendant by Golem Design Studios, from the Ceramic Pendants section. The design reminded me of spiraling gears, or the cross-section of a nautilus shell. I had originally picked out some nice brown heart beads to go with it, but when they got here I decided that the colors didn't quite match, so I dived into my stash for inspiration. I found Swarovski crystals, chatoyant stones, and vintage topaz-hued glass. The result is this almost-steampunk necklace called The Sun Spirals Ever Onward.

I still have the brown heart beads, and a pretty copper heart clasp to use, so keep your eyes open early next week for more earthy love! I'm thinking there might even be a give-away involved.

In other news, I feel like buying some more dance costumes, and my budget doesn't think I should, so I'm having a free shipping sale! All purchases over $25 qualify for free US and International shipping. Just purchase as usual and I'll refund the shipping fees. This sale ends at 11:59pm MST on Sunday the 28th. Visit my Etsy shop and see what catches your eye.

Edited to add FTC Disclaimer: Some of the items in the above necklace were provided free of charge by for review purposes. I provide my honest opinion of the products I receive, and I get no other compensation for it.


  1. Very pretty new necklace, AJ!

  2. I love that pendant, and the chatoyancy in the brown beads is great!

  3. Thank you, Janine!

    Marilee, they're even prettier in person. I'm not sure what they are... They look like the brown part of a boulder opal pendant that I bought, so they might be that.