Tuesday, February 09, 2010

A Bounty of Beautiful Beads

The colors are a little off on this picture... but look! Beautiful beads (and one cab)! From gem show! Clockwise from the top:

A coil/spring bead from JC Herrell. Not only is JC fun and awesome, but her team won the Flame Off this year! GO JC! And teammates! WOOO! I have no idea how I'll use this coil, but it's really fun and called to me.

Brand-new butterfly wings from Margaret Zinser. I saw this pair on Facebook and called "dibs." Clearly the bead gods were listening to me, because even though I didn't get out to the MZ booth until 8 hours into the show, and even though the wings were hot sellers, both of them were waiting for me :) I also picked up a little set of spacers that looks nice with them.

Raised floral cab by Dolly Ahles. I liked the flatter floral cabs that I bought in September so much that I had to get one with a raised clover flower this year. Isn't that green just luscious? Dolly is doing some amazing floral beads, too, some even have tiny 3d butterflies on them.

Greek Math Bead, a gift from my friend Deborah Gray-Wurz. Deb is addicted to making Barb Switzer's complicated little beaded beads, and she made me one in beautiful shades of green and brown. I love it!

Keep your eyes open for more gem show goodies and some actual stories as the week progresses!


  1. I love the butterflys, and Deb's beaded bead!

  2. Looks like you made a haul. Nice selection of goodies there.

  3. WOWZA. better your fingers are itching to get to work with these beauties.
    the blues and butterflies are charming me already :D

  4. Marilee and Julie, if you want to see more beautiful butterflies, Margaret has some photos on her blog:

    Arline, it's probably my smallest gem show haul in years... it feels weird to have purchased so few lampworked beads, but I have so many that I decided to just focus on my favorite artists this year!

    Julie, my fingers are eager... but it's hard to decide where to start! Well, my first project should be making a necklace with the rainbow obsidian heart I purchased for my MIL (haven't photographed it yet). Valentine's Day is her favorite holiday and she'll be spending it with us, so I want to have a little gifty for her!

  5. I always start making stuff right away with new bead goodies!!! I need to take pictures of them before I start creating away:)

    Funky Monkey Girl,