Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bleh sick

I am sick again, and it is all because of Chris and his friend Rene. So phooey on them. I was enjoying being healthy, thank you very much. The unwelcome germs are being bombarded with vitamins, hydration, tea, and nasty thoughts in their general direction, so hopefully this stupid cold will not interfere with all my fun dance plans for the week.

In other news, it is also raining, so at least I didn't miss a beautiful weekend while I was being sick and cranky. And at least my plants, who are convinced that it is Spring, got another nice soaking.


  1. Apparently this works, a little.

    I am putting my hand, gloved in official healing green stripy armwarmers, against your forehead. Close your eyes and sit down. And now, in my deepest demon-banishing voice:


    Or, I am strongly implying, I shall be forced to Come In There, a fate no one wishes.

    Seriously, get better. Wretched health is my gig.

  2. Hope you feel better soon. And thanks to Mother Nature for helping us water our plants.

  3. Get better soon, AJ. Nothing worse than trying to dance and wipe your nose at the same time. LOL. Take care.

  4. Carapace, the power of the green stripy armwarmers compel me! I woke up feeling pretty cruddy, but I'm slowly feeling better due to the magic of green tea.

    SaraBeth, Mother Nature seems to finally be nice to my plants... The last two years a false Spring has caused my bulbs to start growing, then one last freeze kills them. This year I will finally see what they are! I'm hoping for irises.

    Arline, it is hard to look like a sultry belly dancer with a drippy nose, that's for sure! On the other hand, my sore throat is giving me a sexy, husky voice. LOL.

  5. *hugs* Get better soon!