Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Peck of Pewter Pendants

(and buttons)

Here are my goodies from the Green Girl booth! I already have a pretty impressive stash of Green Girl Goodies, so I focused on new designs. I finally got my hands on the Yeats quote faerie that was sold out in September. In fact, I bought two. One for me and one for business. I think mine might end up in a little charm bracelet.

I like the golden mermaid in the seashell, she reminds me of the focal in my Napping Treasure Hunter necklace, but smaller and shinier. The other two mermaids are both buttons, so they'll probably end up adorning some elaborate bracelets.

It was nice to see both Greg and Andrew from Green Girl. The Green Girl herself, Cynthia, was at home with her new-ish baby!

Tomorrow I'll finally unveil the completed necklace with the shibiuchi faerie.


  1. I LOVE Green Girl stuff... how cool you got to see them in person- we dont have that luxury out here in the middle of nowhere Kansas, lol

  2. they make the most wondrous beads, do they not?
    i'm green with envy over your stash ;P

  3. I could chat with Andrew all day if I could get away with it....many goodies that we wanted! Mom surprised me and brought some stuff from them for her designs too. Hopefully my fantasy loves are rubbing off on her:)


  4. Thyme, I hope you get to meet them in person some day, the entire family is just so sweet and creative.

    Julie, they really do! For years I couldn't buy them because their table would be swamped at the shows and I had limited shopping time... but now that they have 2 locations, it's a little easier :)

    Yay Jolene! Corrupting -- er, I mean, inspiring your Mom! And yes, Andrew is so nice to talk to. Do you follow his blog?