Friday, February 26, 2010

My new necklace stand

This necklace stand is carved from teak wood, and it's one of my purchases from when we took my mother-in-law to the gem show. I like it better than my velvety ones because it's prettier, and it doesn't attract cat hair. The wood grain is a better compliment to my nature-inspired faerie designs, too. I'll probably collect some more, which will be easy since the company that made them is based here in Tucson.

Don't forget that you can still get free shipping on all $25+ purchases made in my Etsy shop, now through the end of the weekend.

Tonight I'm off to Tempe for the Plaza de Anaya Street Team event. Chris was supposed to go with me and eat delicious Thai food, but he seems to be down with a cold, so I will probably insist that he and his germs stay home.


  1. Oh, poor Chris. You'll have to bring him some food.

  2. I never thought of getting a wood mannequin bust for necklaces- I think that looks nicer than velvety ones. Eventually I'll get me a bust thing.

    I hope Chris feels better!

  3. Chris decided to come with me anyway, and he seems to be fine today. He really enjoyed the Thai place that I took him to.

    Meri, the wood busts would be really pretty for your jewelry, too! I'll give you the website of the company that makes them when I find their business card.

  4. Cool! Let me know when you find it. :)