Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another Faire Picture

Just me this time! I was trying to strike a bellydance pose, but my posture is a little weird -- I don't know what is going on with my lower arm, and my chin is oddly tucked. Looks like I forgot to tilt my hips forward, too. Really, all I remembered is to lift my chest ;)

My costume consists of brown cotton gauze bathing-suit-cover-up pants, the adorable cotton striped skirt I picked up at the TEP show, and the awesome super-long halter top that I got at last year's Faire (I like it because it gives the bare belly look, while protecting people from the glaring whiteness of my skin). It's accessorized with my totally sweet new pouchy belt, my favorite old kuchi mirror belt, a zillion bangle bracelets (mostly from World Market), the Talisman of Sultry Undulations, and the hair stuff I talked about yesterday. Oh! And my cute bird ring from my tribal jewelry shopping trip last week. I need to get a good picture of that.


  1. Still a good picture! Is that at your house?

  2. Nice outfit! I'm saving a sheer skirt that the lining ripped for when I make a costume again LOL. It's amazing how many "normal" things can turn up in belly dance costumes.


  3. Thank you, Marilee! It was taken at Faire, in a spot between a booth and an ATM ;)

    Joann, it's a lot of fun to repurpose Target and thrift store finds for costumes! Just last night I bought a cute embroidered skirt that perfectly matched the top I was planning to wear to dance class.

    Thank you, Jolene!