Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fun day at the gem show

Today we took Chris's Mom to her first Tucson gem show. We chose the Tucson Electric Park show, which is half gem show, half swap meet, and all fun. Good times were had by all, and I picked up some pretty Czech seed beads to add some different colors and finishes to my embroidery, plus a pretty opalized flourite cab, and some totally non-bead-related goodies.

The show has grown tremendously since I stopped going a few years ago. While there used to be just a few small stalls behind the main tent, there were now rows and rows of them, a decent-sized food court, and a whole lot more medium-sized annex tents. We spent most of the day outside exploring those, and I feel I may have gotten a bit too much sun! But it was a great time.


  1. And now we need pictures of those!

  2. I LOVE gem shows!! SOunds like you had fun.

  3. Marilee, I'll try to snap some pictures of the seeds and cab tomorrow! Oh, I also got a really pretty teak necklace stand for photographing my jewelry on.

    Shannon, gem shows are so much fun! Have you ever been to the shows here in Tucson? It's amazing.