Sunday, February 14, 2010

My desk is covered in yarn

One of my purchases at the gem show yesterday was a cute green and brown striped skirt (yes, skirts at the "gem show") which I decided that I wanted to wear to the Renaissance Faire tomorrow. Then I decided that I wanted to make some yarn "hair" to match the skirt, so I popped over to JoAnn's, picked up three skeins, and supplemented them with some yarn, ribbon and thread that I already had, to make some really wild, mossy, faerie-inspired falls. I'll get pictures of myself wearing them tomorrow!


  1. I totally cannot wait to see your new Renfaire outfit. I hope you have a grand time. One day I'll get to see your Renfaire. In the meanwhile, I am having a hard time containing myself until mine starts.


  2. Don't feel bad about buying skirts at the bead show. When I worked for Mark & Betcey I used to buy skirts made from vintage saris from Jess Imports.

    Betcey and I both used to buy clothes when we did the Houston Quilt show.

    *sigh* There are days when I really miss my job.

    Hope you had fun at the Ren Faire and took lots and lots of pictures!

  3. And in the book I finished, a vendor at the Wicca convention had tie-dyed ritual robes. ;)

  4. Woo hooo! Yarn falls- can't wait to see. I have only recently discovered them and love mine-- I now have made three sets!!

  5. Karen, I hope you can come to our Faire someday! I love it, so many great performers and vendors.

    SaraBeth, Jess Imports wasn't at Best Bead this year! I don't know if they were doing a different show, or if they didn't come to Tucson at all :( I have one of their skirts and I love it.

    I didn't take any pics, except for ones of Chris, MIL and I! I was too busy having fun, and MIL was carrying my camera for me so I kept forgetting to ask for it.

    Marilee, you know I love tie-dye, but I think it would be overpowering on something as big as a ritual robe!

    Ralonda, this was my second set of falls! I got a lot of compliments on this set, and some people couldn't believe I made them myself. They're so much fun to make and wear.