Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fun and Sun at Ren Faire!

Here's a picture of me with my awesome mother-in-law Marlyn at the Renaissance Faire! I'm a woodlands belly dancer and she's a mischievous imp -- the horns and ears are from the NY Faire, but the awesome wings were purchased yesterday at our Faire. The skirt and belt are from my closet, we're close enough in size that I was able to help her with an impromptu costume. However, while we were there she picked up a couple of skirts, so she'll have her own costume when we return to the NY Faire in August!

This was my first time doing Tribal buns. I put my hair up in two little buns, wrapped the yarn falls around them once, clipped them into place with little barrettes and then added all of the flowers and sticks I could. I really love this new pair of falls, they're perfectly earthy and have more texture than my green and black pair. I could see myself getting addicted to wearing my hair this way. I just have to remember to sunscreen my scalp...

Yes, as usual I got a little too much sun with my fun! But it was worth it. Mediaeval Baebes were back again, this weekend only! We saw their show, two belly dance/world music troupes, and the falconry show, in between all our shopping. What a great time! The weather was perfect, the performers were all at top form, and the booths were well-stocked with beautiful goodies. And I even got my first henna tattoo! Yay!


  1. What a cute outfit you're wearing! And those falls! I love it! :)

    And I'm so jealous! You're over there in a cute renfaire outfit, soaking up the sun, and here it's 20 degrees and we have three feet of snow. Note to self: when I have money, travel the country so I can find warm faires.

  2. It is here again? Crap....time flies when you are having fun. Cute picture of you two.


  3. You guys look great!

    Four tries, I give up

  4. Thanks, Meri! It's been 75ish and sunny ALL WEEK! My MIL is from Long Island where they're currently having tons of snow, so she's in heaven right now. I'd love if you could visit us, too!

    Thank you, Jolene, I think it's a great pic, too :) Are you going to Faire, or saving your money for MarsCon?

    I'm guessing that last comment is Marilee having trouble with OpenID again! Gah! But thank you nonetheless :)

    (there's a really cute pic of all three of us, but Chris doesn't like to have pictures of himself on-line)

  5. Yeah, that was me, but I didn't have trouble at the next blog!

    Our snow is starting to melt now that we've got low 40s in the days and some sun. The stuff on the ground is down to about a foot, but the snow mountains are still pretty big.