Saturday, February 16, 2008

Movies 'n' things.

Yesterday, Chris and I returned to our Friday date routine (previously interrupted by his new job and gem show). There were two new releases that we wanted to see for the movie part of our date: Jumper, and Spiderwick Chronicles. Well, due to timing, Jumper won out.

Jumper was everything I expected it to be, which is to say it was silly, shallow action entertainment. While I would have liked for the movie to go deeper into the characters and the central conflict, I knew that it wouldn't, because basically the film was just an excuse to have lots of teleport-heavy action sequences. I think it was a pretty interesting and realistic example of how people would use and abuse such an ability. I just wish that the characters had been a little more likable and believable. Well, that and I wish that almost every single cool scene hadn't already been shown in the trailers.

It's reached the point where too many trailers show you all of the best parts of the movie, and then when you actually go see the film, it just fills in the blanks and establishes a chronological order. There's no longer that "WOW!" moment of seeing an awesome sequence on the big screen, because you've already seen it over and over again in the teaser.

That's why Cloverfield still stands out as an example of an excellent trailer, despite being a lousy movie. The trailer told you everything you needed to know: there's some people at a party in NY. Their party gets ruined by a monster attacking Manhattan. Chaos and madness ensue. If you wanted to see the monster and the chaos, you had to go see the movie.

I think another example of a pretty good marketing campaign (despite having not seen the movie!) was I Am Legend. The animated shorts were designed to set the tone of the film, and give you an idea of the backstory, without giving away all the good parts of the movie itself.

Anyway, I did have fun watching Jumper, and while it could have been better, it wasn't a huge waste of time.

After that, we went to the bookstore where I picked up that Laura McCabe book on beading with crystals, mainly rivolis. It looks pretty awesome, and I might take it to gaming today to read while things are slow. As I've mentioned before, the lighting there is too bad to really bead all night, I end up with a nasty headache.

I'm hoping that if I pick up one beading book a month, that I'll catch up with everything I've missed and not fall too far behind on the publishing schedule. I also want to pick up some sewing books, I saw some pretty good looking ones at B&N last night. I might fill out my polymer book selection, too. Not that I have room for the books I have, so most of this will have to wait until I move into a house and can have more bookcases than I have now.


  1. Please, please read the original Jumper book. The movie guys bought it from Steven Gould and then changed it so much they had him write a book to go with the movie: Jumper: Griffin's Story. The original book and sequel (Reflex) are really good.

  2. I was thinking of checking out the book. Now I'll look for it next time I'm at a bookstore (probably this coming Friday).

    I don't know what I'd think if the movie guys had changed my story so much that they wanted me to write another one that fit their film more accurately. Of course, I've already decided that I'd really never want my books made into movies anyway :)

  3. Well, writers don't make a lot of money and this will put Steve and Laura's kids through college. I don't blame him, but I hate that so many people will think the original book was like the movie.

  4. Yeah, I suppose that if I had kids to put through college, I might think differently!

    You should have seen me trying to relay this conversation to Chris while he was on the phone with his Mom.

  5. What, you want to interrupt him with his mom? That's sacred! (almost typed scared)

    I finished the poppy set -- I'll take a picture before I get to AAB and put it up there.

  6. No no, he was telling his Mom about the movie, and since she reads, I wanted him to tell her that the book was better, but she needed to look for the original book, not the new one.