Sunday, February 10, 2008

Done with gem show!

Well, the shows are still going on, and I might go buy some cabs (but probably not), but I am done working! Today was the last day of Best Bead. It really flew by. Betcey and Mark kept me so busy that I had no time to be bored. We were all happy with the arrangement, though, and they already asked me to come back next year -- to which I said yes.

I've picked up a few more nice things since my last blog post. I'll try to take some photos and do an end of show recap tomorrow. Tonight, I am really, really beat.

The apartment is such a mess. Chris and I were both so busy with work and socializing this past week that no housework got done. Yuck. Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow, in addition to photography and blogging?


  1. Housework! Was I right? Huh? Huh?

    It's very nice that they already hired you for next year!

  2. Got it in one!

    Actually, a combination of housework, bead organization, and catching up on forums and blogs.