Thursday, February 07, 2008

Real update tomorrow -- gem show day 5

Whew, I am one busy gal! Work has been good the past two days, there's been plenty for me to do, whether it's packaging crystals or bagging peoples' purchases. I've met a few cool people, and touched bases with some friends. Tonight was Bead Dinner. Almost half of our attendees backed out, so it was just 6 of us. We had a great time, though, chatting and eating delicious Chinese food.

Yesterday I bought one of Margaret Zinser's new mini-beetles. It's amazing! She had a WHOLE BUNCH of them, and each one was a tiny marvel. I wanted them all!

So far, I don't have any plans for tomorrow night after work, so hopefully I can do a more detailed blog post then. Tonight I am just beat!


  1. I googled for the mini beetles and the only relevant item (and top) was this post!

    Too bad some folks didn't make it to dinner, but at least some did. I'm having Chinese food at the moment -- I'm having a lot of trouble getting things done. I spent an hour with Giorgio today and his labs are still crap and he won't eat. A few more days and if he's not better, we have to let him go.

  2. My first fortune was "You would be a good lawyer."

  3. Margaret doesn't have the mini beetles on her site yet. I told her to let me know when they're up so I can share with you.

    We were talking about accurate and funny fortunes at work the other day. I carry one around in my wallet which says "You will be a successful writer."

  4. My second fortune was "Serious trouble will bypass you." That would be nice.