Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Almost all put away.

You know what's amazing and wonderful? Not being sick after gem show. If you were reading this blog around this time last year, you know that I got crazy-sick during the show. This year I'm healthy and energetic, and it shows. Almost all of the beads that I bought have already been inventoried and put away. I'm so on top of things, that I'm ready to start beading tomorrow. Heck, I'd bead tonight, except that I'm not back to my natural night-owl schedule yet and I get drowsy at 10pm.

I think the first thing I'll do is bead a rivoli! Beki at Out on a Whim just posted a basic rivoli bezel tutorial today... mere days after I got done buying rivolis at gem show. Coincidence? I think not. The universe is conspiring to get my addicted to rivolis, the way the rest of the beading community seems to be. If I enjoy my bezel experience tomorrow, I'm definitely going to pick up Laura McCabe's book. I was planning to do so anyway, so now if it turns out that I hate bezeling rivolis, I can save myself the money and buy a different book instead.

I think I've said the word "rivoli" enough for one day.

Actually, I'm feeling very inspired and there's a lot of things I want to make. All of these new gem show beads are very exciting, and since I mailed all the BFAC projects off, I actually have room to get into my bead room and get to all the beads I need. I also feel like doing some polymer work and getting back to work on the Pants of Doom. Too many hobbies!


  1. LOL -- don't say the "Pants of Doom," it'll come true!

    Yeah, any time you're around lots of people it's hard not to get sick. Happens with cons, too.

  2. It's already true!

    I get sick almost every year at gem show. Now I'll just have to be careful not to get sick at Comic Con.