Friday, February 01, 2008

Beading right along.

My special gem show necklace is coming along quite well. I did take an in-progress photo, but I haven't had the chance to pull it off the camera and edit it yet. Had a pretty busy day.

I did find time to dance, during the afternoon when it wasn't ridiculously cold. Feels good to be active again, sometimes I fall into too much of a rut and spend all my time at the computer.

The past 3 days have been so busy and chaotic with Chris's new job, so I'm really having a hard time gathering my thoughts to make a coherent blog post. I'm going to go veg out now. Should have more to say Sunday, when I get back from Gem Mall. Tomorrow I've got to run errands before D&D. Bah.


  1. What kind of job did Chris get?

  2. Oh! I didn't post about that, did I? He and his co-worker/business partner Rene both got hired on by a company that makes programs for banks. They're making significantly more than they did at AOL, they get to work from home, and they can mostly set their own hours.

  3. Wow, great news! Except he'll want to take up room at home all the time. But if it's more money, maybe you can buy the house and give him an office area.

  4. Having him home and working all the time is fraying my nerves a bit... He's on the phone with Rene for his entire work day, starting at 8am... I like to sleep in until at least 10am. Our walls have all the sound insulation of rice paper walls, with none of the style. I think you can see the problem.

    However, if the job works out, then we get to start looking for houses at the end of March at the latest... He'll get an office area, I'll get a beadroom, and we'll hopefully get a living room or den big enough to host gaming -- everyone will be happy!