Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Shopping and Socializing -- gem show day 3

My apologies for the lack of pictures. I need to leave in 15 minutes, so I don't have time to photograph anything for show-and-tell.

As it turns out, I didn't need to go into work today. So I chilled out at home, and made a necklace to go with the skirt I'm wearing, then in the afternoon, Chris drove me down to Manning House, because he's awesome. Manning House is the home of To Bead True Blue, a show with a wide variety of vendors. Some of my favorites are there, so I was really happy to have today off to shop.

My first stop was Green Girl Studios, where I stocked up on a LOT of beads and pendants. I couldn't afford to make the wholesale minimum, but the guy there was really sweet and cut me a nice deal anyway. It's so good to deal with vendors who understand how hard it can be when you're a designer. I almost bought one of the beautiful shibiuchi Moth faerie pendants, but I'm trying to cut down on impulse purchases for myself, and there's no way I ever would have allowed myself to sell it. Hopefully, they'll still have them at the September show.

Then it was just 10 feet or so to the Christi Friesen booth! Christi is such a sweetie, and I was lucky enough to arrive when she wasn't teaching a class or swamped with customers. She not only complimented my necklace, but oooh'd and aaah'd over Sky Dancer. I'd saved up some of my holiday money for one of her beads. I took a break from my tradition of buying dragons from her, because she didn't have any green ones, and instead bought a horse. Not only do I love horses, but this one has a mane of leaves! It's a dryad pony!

Then I proceeded to wander about. I ran into Betcey and Mark, my bosses for this year (and my friends all other times), then 5 minutes later I ran into my friends Deb and Dave at my old booth neighbor's table. I helped Deb decide that she did, in fact, need one of his jellyfish. Even when I'm not working there, I sell Jeremy's beads! After solidifying tonight's dessert plans with Deb, I continued on my merry way. I picked up anodized findings to make myself earrings, purple wire lace for Marilee (it's REALLY purple, you'll love it!), and said Hi to my old boss Norm. I also said Hi to the nice lady from Beads of Courage!

All in all, I had a great time at the show. Due to some poor management, there's been heavy vendor turnover. I'm guessing word has spread in the bead world, because most of the new vendors didn't have beads or beading stuff -- they had clothes. Really beautiful clothes that I lusted after, but refused to buy. I've already run roughshod over my budget.

Tomorrow I start work! Hopefully I'll be able to sneak off on a few shopping breaks. At the very least, I have to go snag a bead from Margaret Zinser!

In the meantime, I'm off for dessert. Mmmm, chocolate!


  1. REALLY purple, huh? Thanks! I want to see all your haul, but I want a closeup of that dryad pony. I can sorta see it in my mind.

  2. I probably won't photograph the haul until after the show!

    And yes, REALLY purple! They had several shades and I decided to get the rich, vibrant one... it's kind of like Purple Velvet crystals, just a little brighter.

  3. Cool! Thanks!