Thursday, February 21, 2008

Almost midnight!

Ok, great, I've been listening to too much Voltaire lately, because all I can think is "And all that I know is it's midnight and you haven't blogged."

So. Thursday. What a lame day, this Thursday! Almost everyone else got their new BFAC kits today, but mine did not arrive! That pretty much ruined my whole day. Well, not really. I got a lot of beading done, and a lot of e-mailing, and a lot of chatting in blog responses, and all that good stuff. But the lack of the much-anticipated kit cast a pall over things. The kit SHOULD be here tomorrow.

On the beading front, I'm working on a necklace with one of Melanie's awesome water goddess pendants. I'm over halfway done, probably closer to 3/4. I'm going to wrap it up tomorrow, and then darn it, I'm going to clear off the table and take some pictures. I might make some earrings in-between those two tasks, depending on what else I've got going on tomorrow.

Tonight, we were kind of bored. We haven't had any Netflix to watch, because we've been too busy to go to the post office (we can't mail anything out from our apartment for some unfathomable reason). As such, we decided to take advantage of their streaming video option, which has a much smaller selection than the mail order side of things. We narrowed it down to watching Sliders, another one of those shows that Chris caught when it was on and I somehow missed.

There are a few shows from my teenage years that have aged well and are still enjoyable to watch -- Babylon 5, for example. Sliders is not one of those shows. It was so laughably bad, from the 90s technology to the cliche dialog to the freakishly smooth faces of the lead actors. Seriously, how much makeup did they spackle on to those two? We got through the pilot and decided that was all we could take. Oh well. We had fun giggling over the dated computer references and the horrible CG. That's one way to kill the boredom!


  1. Sliders got better and worse as they shifted actors in and out.

    I spend enough time on the computer; I don't plan to watch movies online from Netflix!

  2. The pilot wasn't good enough to compel me to want to watch more episodes and wait for it to get better. I did like John Rhys Davies in it, though. His voice is amazing.

    We don't normally do the streaming video from Netflix either, but we were really bored. And we sat on the couch and watched on the laptop, so it was pretty cozy :)