Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Something to click on.

If you are at your computer, and can spare a few seconds every two minutes to help a good cause, then please come join me and my friends at Vote4Cause. My friend and editor Sheryl has recruited me to help USO take the number one spot, and we're currently lagging behind by over 700 votes.


If you have more than a few seconds to spare, there's also a built in comments/chat feature. I'm there under the clever and unique name "AJ" and will be for most, if not all, of the day. Hey, if I don't have the energy to bead or take photographs, at least I can click to donate money to charity!

I hope you'll join me!


  1. All righty, I have clicked and I'll leave it up to click when I remember.

  2. I appreciate it, Marilee!

    We were talking about Jumper and Steven Gould last night, in the voting chat!

  3. Oh, the night before I started clicking? That's neat! I skimmed the chat when I went over to click, but a lot of it was for the birds. ;)

  4. Yeah, it was before you started clicking. All the geeks come out at night, and during the day, it's usually Sheryl's bird and cat friends :)

    Sheryl's been rescuing and re-homing feral cats in her neighborhood, and she hasn't been able to catch and spay a couple of the females yet, so she has kittens coming... And she's threatening to try to tempt me with pictures!