Saturday, October 10, 2009

Trees in the Wind

I snapped this picture a week ago at the Bead Retreat, as the wind was blowing in the clouds that would later dump snow on us. Those yellow and orange trees in the middle were the only ones I saw that were changing color. Of course, the mountains themselves were covered in evergreen pines, but all of those trees look like the sort that should have been colorful.

It's hard to believe that I've been home for less than a week... this has been a very long week, and slightly overwhelming. I'm having a hard time catching up on everything I need to do. At least I'm getting a little beading done, as yesterday's post illustrated.

Today I finally went back to the gym. It kicked my butt, but at least I don't seem to have injured myself this time around. On Tuesday I restart the evening classes, since I missed more than half of them the first time around. I'll still miss a third due to dance class, but oh well.


  1. Dance is exercise, too, if not quite the same type as gym, so it shouldn't be too big a deal.

    Oh no, the OpenID error again!


  2. Stupid OpenID!

    It's only a big deal because the evening classes teach how to do things the right way, so whatever they cover on Thursday, I'm not learning.

    However, this time they're starting it on a Tues instead of a Mon, so that should shift everything over by 1 day and I'll learn some of what I missed last time :)