Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

You've waited long enough... Here are the pictures of my tribal-style steampunk costume! Lovingly cobbled together out of things I already had -- I didn't buy anything specifically for this costume -- it's the perfect blending of two costume styles that I truly love.

From top to bottom we have:
-Steampunk feather clip from The Gypsy's Kiss. You may recognize this from my Dancehall Steampunk costume earlier this year.
-Three hairsticks tucked into my bun, sagging a bit because I'd already been dancing when this picture was taken.
-Primitive grey niobium earrings and earcuff from The Beaded Lily.
-My peacock feathers woven necklace. I was going to wear a steampunk necklace that Chris gave me, but it was too long, and this one matched the colors of the costume.
-Vest purchased from Target, upgraded with vintage glass buttons. I wore this last Halloween, too.
-My coin bra, which doesn't jingle much with a vest over it.
-Green lace choli with 3/4-length sleeves, purchased at Plaza de Anaya last week.
-Brass bracelet that Chris gave me for the holidays, awesome coin bracelet that I bought in NYC, and an assortment of rings that I grabbed on my way out the door.
-Tribal steampunk belt. My vest covers it in this picture, so I'll get better pics of it next week. I ended up tying it with some black grosgrain ribbon, and amazingly it stayed up all night.
-Bustle skirt! I'm so happy with how it turned out. There's nothing like wearing a bustle to dance.
-Gradiated sage green harem pants.
-I was wearing my sequined ballet flats, but they're really uncomfortable, so I kicked them off as soon as we arrived.

And here's a back view so that you can see the beautiful gathers on the back of my bustle skirt. Squee!

I hope that everyone has a fun Halloween. I'm spending mine at home with Chris, tidying up the office to make room for our new computers.


  1. I believe you do have bustlepunk! LOL Great costume!

  2. Lovely...both the outfit & the woman inside. I spent Halloween at home working on my Twinkle Twinkle I'm still not done

  3. oh how amazing you look!!!

  4. Ooo, neat costume! I love that bustle!

  5. Thank you, everyone! Glad you liked it :) I forgot to mention that the party was a lot of fun, too!

    Dot, I was working on my Twinkle Twinkle necklace today. I'm up to 16" of herringbone spiral. It takes forever! None of my retreat projects are done yet :(

  6. How fun! You look great! I'm totally living vicariously through all of my friends that got to dress up and go out and play this year.

  7. AJ... Did you know that someone (not me) posted a link to this from the blog Making Light?