Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Medusa Rocks!

Face of the Gorgon is my second Medusa-themed necklace... Third if you count the one that I made for myself with this same focal. I just love Medusa!

I had some fun combining stones for this necklace. The nephrite jade echoes the shape of the pendant, whereas the lizardite has a snake-skin like appearance. I actually had the chance to purchase some beads that were made with real snake skin, but they felt really gross. I couldn't stand touching them. I don't know if the texture was really that bad, or if my natural aversion to snakes was kicking in.

The nephrite, lizardite, and eagle eye from yesterday's necklace all came from the Rings and Things show in May. They have another show coming up on November 1st, but I don't think I'll be attending it, since I'm hoping to go up to the Phoenix area on Friday the 30th for a Halloween party. Three trips to Phoenix in 4 days would just be too much.


  1. And pretty in green! I have some real snake vertebrae that I plan to use sometime.

  2. Those would be cool for a Medusa necklace, too! I've thought about purchasing some in the past, but haven't yet. I should probably get some to work into my tribal designs.

  3. hmmmmm....aversion to snakes yet loves Medusa....tricksy, that. This necklace is "stunning".

  4. Great necklace, AJ -- just don't look at yourself in a mirror when you're wearing it :)

    at Rings & Things

  5. Thank you, Julie! My brain *is* tricksy at times. But actually, I have no problem with any sort of artistic representation of snakes, only real ones. So I'm sure if I met a real Medusa, I'd also be scared :)

    Thanks, Dave :D The tricky part was not looking at Medusa while I made her wire-wrap bail ;)