Monday, October 12, 2009

Dancing Pictures

The lovely and talented Colleen Theodore took many pictures of me dancing at the Tahoe retreat. I sorted out the best ones (ie, the ones where my posture wouldn't make my teacher cry), and put them in this album on Facebook. You need not be a Facebook member to view them!

I learned a couple of important lessons with this impromptu performance, such as "always test your costume before performing" (my scarf came unwrapped, and one bra strap kept slipping), and "if it's freezing outside, don't leave your shoes in one room and then walk across the courtyard to dance in another." Also "when dancing in your friend's temporary bead store, watch out for wire racks." I still have a mark from that last one...

Needless to say, next time I travel, I'll travel prepared. I'll bring a real, pre-tested costume, and I'll write down which tracks on which CDs I want to use for my performance.


  1. Alright AJ, I have to tell you that you cracked me up today. :) Your photos are amazing (almost as good as the real thing!) and your commentary is priceless. I hope you enjoyed dancing for us as much as we enjoyed watching it. And I hope your wound heals quickly.


  2. It was such a treat having you dance for us in Tahoe. Looking at the pics brought it all back. Thanks again for being such a good sport.

  3. Wardrobe malfunction! :-)

    Dawn Davina Brown (Goggle her, I don't have a link), has self-published some books on how to tailor lingerie style bras and pre-made costumes to individual body types.

  4. Dawn Davina Brown is an awesome person. We had her at MarsCon several years ago:)


  5. Thank you everyone!

    SaraBeth and Jolene, I'll have to look for those books. I made mine using directions from the internet, modified for the supplies I had, the look I wanted, and the skills at my disposal.