Thursday, October 08, 2009

Standing in the snow

Here you go, photographic evidence of the fact that it snowed in Tahoe, and I actually went outdoors! If you're wondering why my arms are crossed, it's because I didn't expect it to snow during the day, so I foolishly left my coat in my room. I was COLD!

The picture was taken by my friend Betcey, who is from the mountains of Colorado where snow is a frequent occurrence, and this tiny dusting would be nothing to remark upon in her home. But she knew that for a desert girl like me, this was a Big Deal, so she offered to take a picture for posterity :)

The snow came on so suddenly that most of the trees in the area hadn't changed colors yet, so you can see the pretty contrast of the white snow on the green leaves in the background. Some plants even had icicles on them, but I didn't have my camera at hand when I saw them.

I'm so glad to be back in AZ where the temps have been very pleasant 70s since I got home!


  1. Okay, I really need to send you some snow from Ohio when it gets here! I drove back to Reno that night with Colleen, Kate & Cyn. It was beautiful to see all the trees covered with snow. But it was nice to get back home where there was no snow.


  2. The weather people are saying we'll have more snow than usual this year, so I'll get to stay in more than usual. That's a good picture, though!


  3. it's a lovely, enchanted photo!

  4. Dot, you can keep the snow, honest!

    Marilee, I haven't heard what our winter forecast is. I hope it involves rain, since summer sure didn't.

    Mermaiden, enchanted is not the word that usually comes to mind when I think about snow, but thank you :)

  5. Lovely photo, chica. You may have been freezing, but it was probably a treat to see the snow since you a dessert girl, no?

  6. Janine, it was admittedly nice to see all the pretty snow and ice. Not something I'd like to make a regular habit of, but I can't deny how beautiful it was! Still happy to be back where it's warm :)