Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A little different.

The Gatekeeper Medallion is an experiment in mixed metals and mixed media. It's also my new favorite necklace! The combination of elements really speaks to me, so I'm hoping that it will speak just as loudly to someone else out there.

Normally I would have just hung the pendant from the brass chain, but I wanted to work some silver into the chain to balance the silver in the pendant. Then when I was weaving the silver chain through the brass, it naturally fell to one side, leaving the other side empty, so I decided to weave in the black ribbon for extra texture and to match the black etching on the shell.

Today's other new items are Little Elf Shoes, Mistress of Ghosts, and Wheel of Destiny.


  1. This is a gorgeous "experiment"!

  2. Thank you, Julie! It's fun to experiment and see where it leads me :)

  3. It is so fun to break out of your usual mode. It is a super nice necklace:)