Monday, October 26, 2009

For evenings and weekends

During "business hours" I try to work on jewelry for my shop. But on evenings and weekends, I've been working on this. It's called Twinkle, Twinkle and it's Beki Haley's class project from the Tahoe retreat. Those four pinwheel-looking stars will eventually be hanging from the ends of the spiraling herringbone rope. I did 4" of rope yesterday while waiting for Chris, adding onto the 10" I already had, so there's not too much longer to go.

Both this necklace and the Mushroom Pixie are woven with a new-ish thread called One-G. Made in Japan and distrubuted by the Toho company, it's a bonded Nylon thread. It has everything I love about Nymo (drape, ease of threading) and less of what I hate (fraying and knotting). It also costs 3 times as much, so I probably won't switch over to it entirely (after all, I still have most of a huge spool of black size B Nymo), but it's definitely fun to work with.


  1. Oh, great pinwheels! I still have Nymo in more colors than it comes in now and almost always use Fireline, so I don't think I'd try the other.

    BTW, I figured out why Blogger wasn't letting me use OpenID -- I had figured out a method using fewer keystrokes and they've decided I have to use all of the regular keystrokes.

  2. I am in the same thread boat you are AJ. I have a quart sized baggie of Nymo because it is my favorite, but now I like the 1G as well. Beaders have such a hard life. :)

  3. Love those! Are they small enough for earrings?

    I was gifted with some One G thread and I love it for bead weaving. How expensive is it?

    I'll probably stick with Nymo for a few years more. I have dozens of colors that I picked up from Betcey when she had all those crazy colors.

  4. Marilee, I'll probably never run out of Nymo with all those lovely spools you sent me :) I'm glad that you finally figured out what OpenID was acting up.

    Thank you, Julie!

    Karen, we beaders do have it rough. How do we cope?

    Thank you, Meri!

    SaraBeth, a lot of people in class were going to make earrings instead of the necklace. I'll probably get 2 more rivolis and make a pair of earrings to match my necklace, too.

    The One-G costs between $3.25 and $4 for a 50 yard spool depending on where you buy it :(