Saturday, October 03, 2009

Awesome Day

Ok, I'm blogging after midnight and I should be in bed and I still have e-mail to write, so today's awesomeness will be given in bullet points.

1: Sherri Serafini is a great teacher and I love the project she designed for this retreat. I got a lot done on mine and hope to do more work tomorrow night at the pajama party.

2: The ugly contest was tonight. There were 14 entrants. Cthulhu won the "I don't think so" Ugly, which I'm guessing my lovely friends interpreted as "I don't think he's ugly" because they kept saying how adorable/cute/nice he was.

3. I danced tonight, for a mixed group of my friends and random retreat attendees. A few people clearly didn't like it, but most really enjoyed it. I had my first bout of stage fright, but I got over it. Shout-out to Bead Unique editor Pamela for loaning me her stereo, my friend and retreat roomie Maia for handling my music, and Colleen for taking photos that will hopefully turn out because she has a nice camera and skills.

4: There was other stuff but I'm so tired that I forgot it.


  1. what a day! told you your pet wasn't ugly, but monstrously beautiful!

    how do you know some folks didn't like your dance? did they hiss or throw things? maybe they just wore that stink-face.
    they can rot- good on you!

  2. Looking forward to seeing the pictures!


  3. Julie, it was the stinkface! I hated it... it really kind of threw off my vibe. I'm used to people smiling, because I'm smiling while I dance and they reflect that.

    Marilee, I'll talk to Colleen about pics tomorrow if I don't forget.

  4. I thought Cthulhu was too cute to be ugly. Eye of the beholder and all....

    And the same goes for the dancing. Don't worry about it. It happens. It's impossible to please every single member of every single audience you are ever going to dance for.

    If you know that in your heart you have danced in that moment to the best of your abilities what the "stinky-butt faced" people think doesn't matter.

  5. SaraBeth, he did turn out to be too cute... but I love him and so do my friends, so I'm happy that I made him :)

    As for the sour-faced people, I understand what you're saying... but since this was my first sorta-performance, it scared the crap outta me. As it was I was soooooo nervous because I hadn't planned on such a big audience when I told my friends I'd dance for them at some point :)

    But two days later I'm still getting compliments from the people who did like it, and that's all that matters in the long run!

  6. Hey AJ -- I loved your dancing.
    You did such a good job!
    I agree, there were some that just didn't get it -- but it is their loss !
    The little old lady sitting next to me (the one who asked if you danced for your husband) loved it.
    She told me that you had good form and how smooth your movements were.

    I haven't seen the pictures yet.. probably tonight.

  7. AJ, your dancing was wonderful. I haven't had the chance to see dancing in person for quite a while, so it was a treat for me. You didn't look nervous at all. Thank you for sharing with all of us.

  8. Hey Kate and Arline! Sorry I didn't see your messages until now :) I am SO glad that you enjoyed the dancing! I had no idea that I'd end up dancing for so many people, I figured maybe half a dozen or so would be interested... LOL.

    I sure hope the pictures turned out, I want to share them with everyone who wasn't there, especially my first teacher!