Thursday, October 29, 2009

Armed with needle and thread...

Remember when I said that I was hoping to finish the mushroom pixie necklace this week? Yeah, I haven't touched it. When I made that statement, I forgot to take into affect the fact that Halloween is this week. Yesterday I was struck with the desire to make a bustle skirt, so I did. I took scissors, needle and thread to an old skirt of mine and bustled it up. It looks pretty sweet.

Today I had to stitch the elastic straps for my zills, and while I was doing that, I started thinking about Chris's steampunk costume, and how his vest would look a lot better if it had vintage brass buttons instead of cheap-o plastic ones. I'm almost done with that project. Tomorrow's project will be my crazy steampunk belt to go with my bustle skirt.

I swear I'll get some beading done over the weekend!


  1. I'll take them tomorrow! I wanted to get a pic of the skirt today, but I was just too busy :(

  2. We can do without the mushroom as long as we get pictures of the costumes!

  3. Pictures got put off one more day. Finishing my belt took longer than I expected, then I had to bake cookies, now only 1 hour til we leave and I need to eat dinner, get costumed up, and do my hair and makeup!