Friday, May 30, 2008

A night out.

So remember how I had all the books packed? Yeah, I went out and bought more tonight. Darn it! I think I've got to stay away from the bookstore until we move. In addition to the latest Bead and Button magazine. I grabbed a symbol dictionary (useful for researching the meaning of things that I use in my jewelry), and a how-to on origami jewelry. Nifty. Perhaps I can fit them into one of the already-packed boxes.

The funny thing was when we checked out, and the cashier was all "This is going to sound strange, but I totally saw you guys last Saturday at Takamatsu." And it did sound strange, because last Saturday Chris was at gaming, I was at home, and we haven't been to Takamatsu since we discovered Blue Wasabi. We'd heard of our doppelgangers before, when two friends of ours saw doubles of almost our entire circle of friends at IHOP, but this was the first we knew of them also being a couple. I suppose it could, in fact, be our doubles from an alternate dimension. I just hope they're not our evil doubles, because then we might get framed for a diamond heist.

As part of our evening out, we saw Iron Man. While I'm not sure if it was quite as awesome as I'd heard, it was a fun evening. And apparently everyone else in the theater was seeing Sex and the City, so we had the place almost entirely to ourselves. This other group came in at one point and sat right in front of us, of course, which led to some fun jokes, but they were nice and quiet throughout. I wish all of my movie-going experiences were this pleasant.

Just don't get me started on our adventure spending 10 minutes trying to get into a package locker at the post office, thanks to a stupid bent key. We're going to have to drive all the way down there again tomorrow. If it's once again a small priority box that would have fit in my PO Box, I will be a bit peeved at the USPS.


  1. Gracious, not only doppelgangers, but in the same city. Back when Roseanne was famous, people kept comparing us and I wasn't complimented.

  2. Oh wow, that's not a flattering comparison at all.

  3. It was people who'd only *seen* me, and I can see that, but no, I'm not like her.