Sunday, May 04, 2008

Time to get into shape!

Stereotypically, women worry about swimsuit season. I'm worrying about convention season. Comic Con is in less than two months, and I plan to wear at least one midriff-baring costume. As such, it's time to tone up said midriff, and I might as well take care of my arms while I'm at it. I started dancing again tonight, and tomorrow I'll lift some weights, and I'll be stretching every night. Chris is joining me on this (well, not the dancing), so it should help me stay motivated.

Anyway, enough about fitness, on to beading! I was pretty tired yesterday so I didn't get much work done on Locked Away. After my chai buzz wore off, I crashed hard and fell asleep early, but that led to me feeling very well-rested today. As such, I did another row this afternoon and I'll probably do some more before bed. Tomorrow I plan to bead a lot, in between packing books and working out and cleaning and killing time on Facebook.

Writing has also been on my mind a lot lately. Whenever I read a good book, it makes me want to write. I really don't know if I can make time for it with everything else I've got going on, but I'm certainly turning over ideas in my head, both for the current book in my series and the stand-alone novel that I keep having false starts on. I think that when I finally do sit down to write, my stories will be much better for all the mulling over I've done.


  1. Chris should dance, too!

    I keep forgetting to tell you that Charlie Stross (without Feorag) is coming to Comic Con. He's worried about not knowing anybody, since he's never written a comic, so if you have a chance, stop by and say Hi.

    His UK publisher has him doing another west coast tour (that includes Denver and Phoenix) and put him in at Comic Con.

  2. Chris is a lousy dancer and refuses to try to get better!

    We'll definitely go say hi to Charlie, and I'll try to have read at least one of his books by then, too :) And although it's called Comic Con, there's a lot of book, movie and gaming stuff there.

    Our editor's husband is more into SF than comics, so I'll try to direct him over to see Charlie, too, if he's not already planning on it.