Wednesday, May 07, 2008

It's almost done! -- Locked Away, Part 8

I've been one busy beader. Here it is, Locked Away, almost finished! Actually, it would have been done a lot sooner, but I kept having to readjust the fringe to make it work. I had planned to make a lot more fringes, but the crystals were so large that they kept crowding into each other and banging into the key. I think that the sparser fringe works much better here, as it allows each bead to have its own personal space, and it doesn't overwhelm the pendant.

After finishing the fringe, I also decided to make a pair of cute earrings to match it.

You know what, though? I'm pretty sure this key was a lot more copper-colored when I started. It must be oxidizing or losing its plating or doing something else that metal likes to do. What I do like is that the key is just the right size that it looks like it could actually fit into the keyhole on the cab.

Over all, I am thrilled with how this is turning out, and I'm excited to start on the neck strap, either tonight or tomorrow!


  1. Oh, I do like the way this turned out. I think the sparser fringe is just right. Cute earrings too.


  2. Clap Clap! Well done! The fringe is just right, not too heavy, and the key is perfect. Can't wait to see the strap...oh yeah, great idea for the earrings, too!

  3. Waaaa, no pictures! (Looks like Google/Blogger's picture server is down -- I don't see your picture or Christina's, either)

  4. Thank you all! :)

    Marilee, Blogger really seemed to be acting up this afternoon. I was trying to read comments on Melanie's blog and it kept loading up an error page instead.

  5. It's working today! Slow as all get out, but working! That looks great!

  6. Thank you. I'm going to try to finish the neck chain tomorrow or Sunday, and then I just have to decide if I want to do a beaded toggle or a button-and-loop.