Friday, May 02, 2008

Four down, ninety jillion to go!

This bracelet is called Sea Blossom. I kind of wanted to call it Minty Fresh, but honestly, who would buy a bracelet that sounds like toothpaste?

Last night after dinner, we picked up some boxes for our books. I started packing today and easily filled up four boxes. Four of the eight that we bought. Uh oh. This could take a while, and several trips to OfficeMax for more boxes. That was just stuff that was lying around, and on the beadroom bookcases, and that was only about half of what was in there. I haven't even started on the gobs of novels in the bedroom closet.

When I wasn't packing, I spent most of today working on ads and marketing and networking. So if you came over here from one of my new ads: Hi! Welcome to Erthe Fae Designs! Don't mind the dust.

I started back to work on Locked Away today. The outline was still giving me trouble, but I finally got it under control. I have no gaming tomorrow, so I'll probably spend a few hours working on it. Actually, if I spend a few hours, I might finish the second half, and then it will be time to learn how to finish the edges of a bead-embroidered piece. Exciting!

Remember yesterday, when I said I would talk about more things today? I have no idea what those things were.


  1. I like the flower button!

  2. Thank you both!

    I had another one of those flower buttons that I put on an emerald crystal bracelet. I think it adds a cute touch.