Sunday, June 03, 2007

New jewelry!

Here's the other new necklace I was talking about on Friday! Her name is Princess of Atlantis, and you can read all about her by clicking on the link. I'm simply thrilled by how she turned out, to the point where I just want to leave her on the neck board and place it someplace within eyesight.

There's a little story behind her creation. I bought the lentils and spacers from Lois when I worked for her at Gem Show 2006. I thought that they'd make a nice bracelet. Well, I lost one of the spacers and had to get another one at Gem Show this past year, and I finally got the beads out to make the bracelet last week. I was well over-due for another Strung Bracelet, after all. The problem was, when I finished it, it just looked kind of "blah." Then I saw my bead-stringing chain sitting there, and my headpins, and an idea formed in my head. You're looking at the end results of that idea now. Far better than a bracelet, I think.

I got home later than I expected from house-sitting (spent a few hours chatting with my friend before I left), so I did not get a chance to rephotograph the other necklace. That will be tomorrow's top priority, so it will be listed on the site tomorrow afternoon. I might also make some earrings while I'm at it, we'll see what my muse feels like.

Today's Cool Thing is Wilde Jewels. I actually saw the necklace in the bottom righthand corner in person at gem show this year. The artist was very nice and even let Lois take a picture with her cell phone camera, but of course, the pictures on her site are so much nicer! Enjoy the beautiful and unusual beadwork.

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