Sunday, June 10, 2007

More new earrings!

This week there are two new pairs of earrings up on my site, including these beauties, which I've dubbed "Sunset Shimmer." I'm now a little bored of making earrings, so I think I'll do something else this next week. Maybe a Lariat, my selection of those is pretty sparse.

I've not done much this weekend. Yesterday we had a character creation/learning the rules day for EarthDawn. Unfortunately, I already know the rules and had made my character, so I didn't have much to do. I packed up a bead project, only to leave it on my desk. Bah! There were a few people who needed my help in making their characters, but there was only so much I could do. I'm really excited about the game, however, and looking forward to playing it for real.

Today we were going to get together with my parents, but they rescued a new dog this weekend and thus things were a little crazy. Sadly, this 6 month old dog has NO name! I ask you, how can anyone own a dog for 6 months and not name it? It's beyond sad. Mom is calling him "Moosie Dog" until she figures out his real name, but I have decided that Moosie should be his name, and thus it shall be. My family names their pets with the best intentions, but they always end up with silly nicknames that they get called instead. Thus "Bubsy" became "Bubba" and "Caleb" became "Poofy" and so on. Moosie should probably get several names to make up for not having one for so long anyway.

Today's Cool Thing is Cartwright's, an awesome site for sequins, but also with some cool vintage buttons, beads, glitter, and more. Lots of sparklies!

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