Friday, June 08, 2007

Fashionable Friday -- On The Beach

Ahhh, Summer. Kids are out of school, the weather is warming up, and many peoples' thoughts turn towards the beach. Now, personally I avoid the beach, due to the fact that I burn if I even look at the sun, and I'm pretty sure that the ocean's denizens are going to rise up and wipe out mankind any moment now -- no need to let them start with me. But I still love tranquil, aquatic hues and depictions of fish. I'm a very conflicted person.

If I was going to go to the beach, or the swimming pool, I'd be very tempted to wear this little number. The newsprint fabric really appeals to me, and of course, I always like black. I'd probably also want something to cover up with. A lot of people like sarongs, but I can never get them to stay up. I think that these Thai fisherman pants would be great to wear over a swimsuit! To carry all my beach gear, I'd like a bag like this, cute, colorful, but also practical.

But if you're like me and you won't be going to the beach this Summer, you might just want to settle for things that will remind you of it (but without the annoyance of hot sand in your sandals). You could hang this Ponies on the Beach print on your wall. They're just so cute! Or you could knit and felt some adorable sea critters.

Alternately, you can adorn yourself with beach-y jewelry. I like this Seaglass Charm Bracelet, which is extra cool because the artist used found objects from the beach. These Sea Glass Barrettes are really cute, too. I'd wear them in a heartbeat. I'd also wear an Ocean Rider Fairy pendant, but you probably already knew that. For an elegant touch, I like Where the Ocean meets the Beach.

Of course I have numerous oceanic pieces on my site; I can't seem to stop working in aqua lately. One of my favorites is the piece pictured above, The Ocean's Treasures. I love how the seashell pendant frames the dangling beads. I'm also fond of Ocean Jewels, which features lampworked beads by Joan Eckard. Carribean Spirit boasts a beautiful lampwork focal by Elaine Green, in lovely beach glass hues. And Undine has soft water shades, for a subtler statement. You can find many other perfect beach jewels linked off of these items.

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