Thursday, June 07, 2007


This week has not gotten any better, let me tell you! I've only been able to get a little bit of beading done, although hopefully I'll do some more tomorrow. At the very least there will be one new pair of earrings for Sunday's update, and a lot of nice new pictures. And tomorrow, I will post a Fashionable Friday column.

There have been a couple of good things this week. I get to play EarthDawn, my favorite roleplaying game ever. I'm going to play a belly dancing Troubadour, a character which I've wanted to play since before I even started dancing. Also, my friend who I housesit for said that her neighbor who trains Paso Finos said that I could come over and watch them train sometime. The thought of beautiful horses makes almost anything better!

I'm just hoping that next week is an improvement over this one. It's not as if anything awful or Earth-shaking had happened, it's just been little lousy things here and there, and a general lack of awesomeness.

No Cool Thing today, my random browsing hasn't turned up anything of great note lately.


  1. I hope next week is better. :) Maybe you need to go to a bead store. After going to the bead show yesterday I feel all hyped up.

  2. I just might indulge in a little retail therapy this weekend! Or maybe I'll make something just for myself :)